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Why do I need to coat my timber deck?


Over time, outdoor timber can become weathered from exposure to UV light and water. This can cause your deck to crack, turn grey, lose its original shape, or generally look tired and worn out.

Applying a good quality decking oil or stain helps protect your deck against rain, sun, dirt and grime. This keeps timber looking good and can help extend its lifespan so you can enjoy your deck for longer.

Do I need a decking oil or a decking stain?


Decking Oil

Decking oil helps enhance the colour of darker timber species such as Merbau and Jarrah. Coating your deck with a high-quality decking oil is an important step to protect and enrich your outdoor timber. Over time, your timber can become weathered and damaged from exposure to sun and water. Cabot’s Decking Service high quality oils to refresh and rejuvenate your deck, while retaining its natural timber look and feel.

Decking Stain
Decking stains are highly pigmented and are designed to change the colour of lighter timber species, such a pine. A decking stain is the perfect way to transform your deck to match a new design or update a tired space. Cabot’s Decking Service can help you find the right finish to make your decking dreams come true.

If you’re not sure which one is for you – don’t worry! The Cabot’s Decking Quote makes choosing the finish for your timber easy.

What is a DECK RESET, and why do I need it?


If your deck has extra wear and tear or you’re not sure of its current coating or condition, Cabot’s Decking Service recommends a DECK RESET. This decking restoration method strips the surface back to bare timber, allowing us to properly prepare it for the decking finish you have chosen. The DECK RESET lays a solid foundation to help ensure your deck is protected and easy to maintain in the future.



If it’s been a while since your deck has received any form of maintenance, it could mean that water is getting through and your deck is looking weathered and tired as a result.

DECK MAINTAIN helps your deck stay protected from the elements and keeps it looking great throughout the year. Includes a thorough clean and the application of a timber oil or stain to help prevent water from penetrating the surface.

DECK MAINTAIN is only available on decks where the previous coating is 100% certain or following a DECK RESET performed by Cabot’s Decking Services.

How do I check the condition of the finish on my deck?


An easy way to test the condition of the finish on your deck is to pour a small amount of water on the surface. If the water soaks through, it’s time to reapply a decking oil or stain.

If you’re not sure, give our team a call on 1800 25 15 05 for a helping hand.

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